SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts are designed for discerning couples, single travellers and small families delighting the senses with great service in serene surroundings. Besides the commitment to quality and service the attention to detail makes SENTIDO the perfect setting for a delightful holiday retreat.

Take advantage of the many extra services designed to make your stay in as pleasant as can be. Discover our SENTIDO Holiday Plus Activities – offering fun and relaxation for your body and mind. Savour the freshness and variety of our SENTIDO Kitchen: delicious seasonal dishes, authentic and locally sourced.

Did you know? SENTIDO derives from the Romanic languages and means ”senses”. So enjoy your holiday with all your senses – relax at the pool or beach, let the sound of the waves soothe you, taste our cuisine, feast your eyes on the beautiful surroundings and smell the fresh air.

Our SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts stand out by:

  • Late breakfast until midday
  • SENTIDO Holiday Plus Activities
  • SENTIDO Kitchen
  • Holiday Concierge
  • Pillow menu

SENTIDO Services


On arrival at a SENTIDO Hotel & Resort you are greeted with a smile, a refreshing towel and a welcome drink.


Speak to our holiday concierge who is on hand to help you with local tips and any special requests.


Have a lie-in and enjoy a relaxed start to your day with our extended breakfast times.


We want you to enjoy every aspect of your holiday, and that includes getting a great night's sleep. That's why we have arranged of different pillows for you to choose from. Speak to one of the team in your hotel and they will be more than happy to help you.


From summer 2016 on, you can keep in touch with what's happening at home and in the world through free wi-fi access.


Our newsletter offers you tips and information about the hotel and its surroundings.



When it comes to our food, quality and freshness are paramount. All our ingredients are fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced. Themend buffets further contribute to the culinary variety, including dedicated buffets for children and vegetarians. Guests with special dietary requirements are also welcome.

Our chefs are always happy to answer any questions about the ingredients and their uses - especially the many regional herbs and spices.


The SENTIDO Holiday Plus Activities turn your holiday into a wonderful experience. The programme of events contains several separate programme points for activities for all senses, your body and all customers – Big and small.

Join in the SENTIDO programme of activities! Various happenings offer relaxation as well as action. Model your holiday to your own needs and pick out the activities that interest you. The Holiday Concierge of the SENTIDO Hotel will keep you up-to-date.

Body & Mind

With the Body & Mind programme you will stay fit in a relaxing way. The Body & Mind programme includes the activities SENTIDO Daybreak, SENTIDO Aqua Fit and SENTIDO Sexy Six Pack. The SENTIDO Daybreak is a combination of Thai Chi, Yoga and Pilates accompanied by calming SENTIDO music. Start you day with our choreography by the pool or beach. SENTIDO Aqua Fit is the splashy fun water experience for all those who are into fitness, fun and vitality. The full body workout takes place in the hotel pool with SENTIDO music. SENTIDO Six Pack is a training programme for the tummy and your back. Attack the project Six Pack with a range of exercises with SENTIDO music.

Culture & People

Get to know the country you are visiting and its people with the Culture & People Programme. The Culture & People Programme covers the three activities SENTIDO Discovery Walk, SENTIDO Cooking Session and SENTIDO Local Wine Tasting. The tours of the Discovery Walk take you to beaches, villages and markets in the area. Discover the nature and culture of your destination and learn some tips and tricks from your travel guide to help you gain even more unforgettable holiday experiences.

The SENTIDO Cooking Session will introduce you to the secrets of the typical cuisine. This is a unique and unforgettable way to learn something about your destination. You will prepare local food with the help of the chef and on returning home you can surprise your friends and family with what you have learned.

The SENTIDO Local Wine Tasting gives you the opportunity to sample the best wines of the regions. The wine tasting takes place in the SENTIDO Blue Bar.

The SENTIDO Blue Bar is an ideal place to relax in comfort and make contact with other hotel guests. Have a wonderful end to the day with a tasty drink in the SENTIDO Blue Bar.

Family & Kids

The Family & Kids activities provide fun for both adults and children. The SENTIDO Kids Rallye takes children of different age groups on an exploration through the hotel complex. Various games introduce the area to the children in a fun way. Show off some dancing styles in the SENTIDO Mini Disco. The SENTIDO Mini Disco is an entertaining end to the day and gives the children long lasting memories. SENTIDO Creative is a creative workshop where children create their own personal holiday souvenirs.


To enjoy a truly wonderful and relaxed holiday you also want to feel in harmony with the nature and your environment. We therefore strive to run all our hotels and resorts according to the principles of sustainable tourism. Currently, almost 30 of our hotels have received the Travelife award.

Our standards

The concept of the Travelife organisation fits perfectly with SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts. Responsible treatment of nature and the environment is fundamental to SENTIDO. Our own quality management provides products and services that need to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Each hotel must demonstrate responsibility towards the environment, must use natural resources such as water and energy conscientiously. It must also maintain good relations at the destination and preferably source from local suppliers.


Travelife is an independent, internationally recognised sustainability award scheme for the tourism industry. Around 160 criteria are assessed, including fair wages for staff and measures to minimise energy and water use, reduce waste and to give preference to local suppliers.

Our Awards

Many SENTIDO hotels have so far been rewarded by Travelife with an award.

Travelife Award Gold

SENTIDO Aegean Pearl, Greece     

SENTIDO Aequora Lanzarote, Spain

SENTIDO Bellazure, Greece                   

SENTIDO Cala Viñas, Spain                   

SENTIDO Cypria Bay, Cyprus                 

SENTIDO Don Pedro, Spain   

SENTIDO Gold Island, Turkey

SENTIDO Gran Canaria Princess, Spain

SENTIDO H10 Playa Esmeralda, Spain  

SENTIDO H10 White Suites, Spain

SENTIDO Kaktus, Croatia

SENTIDO Letoonia Golf Resort, Turkey

SENTIDO Lykia Resort & Spa, Turkey

SENTIDO Mamlouk Palace Resort, Egypt

SENTIDO Marea, Bulgaria

SENTIDO Marina Suites, Turkey

SENTIDO Mikri Poli Atlantica, Greece

SENTIDO Orka Lotus Beach, Turkey

SENTIDO Rosa Beach, Tunisia

SENTIDO Palm Royale Resort, Egypt

SENTIDO Playa del Moro, Spain

SENTIDO Pearl Beach, Greece

SENTIDO Perissia, Turkey

SENTIDO Sultan Beldibi, Turkey

SENTIDO Tucan, Spain

SENTIDO Turan Prince, Turkey

SENTIDO Vasia Resort & Spa, Greece

SENTIDO Zeynep Golf & Spa, Turkey 


SENTIDO‘s basic idea and also the origin of its name, is a concept that speaks to all our senses.
But it is not only a feast for the senses and makes your dream holiday come true, it also by far exceeds all expectations.
Our goal is to give all our guests at SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts a relaxing holiday.

We not only indulge their senses but also offer a comprehensive range of services to make sure
that they feel good and sleep well during their stay. Why?
We want to become one of the preferred leisure hotel brand in the most popular holiday regions in the world.


The warm rays of the sun. The soft sand. The pillow menu which wraps you in a feeling of comfort together with the SENTIDO guest amenities in each room – at SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts even the first touch is an unforgettable experience.


The fresh air. The exotic scent of the plants. The unique fragrance that welcomes you as you step into
the hotel lobby, inviting your body and soul to relax. At SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts, even the first breath you take is an unforgettable experience.


The splashing of the waves on the shore. The peaceful SENTIDO music which exudes an air of calm and inspires you to dream. At SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts, even the first sound you hear is an unforgettable experience.


Refreshing cocktails. Regional specialties. Individuallyand freshly-prepared delicacies which gratify your palate.
The sweet fruits which entice you at the buffet table. Freshness and quality wherever you look. At SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts, even the first taste is an unforgettable experience.


The deep blue sea, lake or impressive mountains. The colourful diversity of fish. The fresh flower arrangements in the lobby. The atmospheric lighting both inside and out, which gives our hotels a unique aura of warmth. At SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts, even the first glance is an unforgettable experience.



SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts enlarges the portfolio to 67 hotels. 17 new hotels in Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey join the franchise group.


In summer 2014 SENTIDO expands to 49 hotels and two cruise ships in 13 countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Montenegro, Morocco, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia and Turkey). 2 hotels in Spain are joining the SENTIDO Hotels for the winter season 2014/2015.


The SENTIDO portfolio is enlarged to 44 hotels and two cruise ships in 13 countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Kenya, Montenegro, Morocco, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey).


Further hotels join the franchise group and SENTIDO now consists of 40 hotels and two cruise ships in ten countries (Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Kenya, Montenegro, Morocco, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey).


Further hotels join the group. In 2011, 31 hotels and two Nile cruise ships offer holiday 'for all the senses' under the name SENTIDO.


Seven hotels are added to the SENTIDO portfolio. A total of 24 hotels & resorts around the Mediterranean operate under the SENTIDO brand.


Foundation of the international hotel chain SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts. The head office is located in Oberursel near Frankfurt, Germany. 
The company is part of the Thomas Cook Group.

In the year of foundation 17 hotels and two cruise ships form the SENTIDO family.
 All hotels are within the four-star plus segment and are operated under franchise contracts.

The SENTIDO hotel concept targets discerning singles, couples and small families, who are not only looking for quality and service but also value a broad range of good food, spa services as well as an extensive sports and entertainment programme.