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Guests enjoying their holiday at one of the SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts

Stay at SENTIDO. Discover the joy of travel.

At SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts, we live every day with a passion for quality and service to cater to the needs of all our guests: from couples, single travellers to small families.

Say it in Spanish:
sentido {n} "sense" or "meaning"
sentido {adj} "heartfelt"

We bring together the ingredients that make your holiday a sensational one: idyllic location, charming hosts, the perfect spot for a sundowner, the freshly-pressed juice over breakfast and so many other details that turn SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts into the indulgent place for your getaway. 

Enjoy your dream holiday filled with relaxation, regeneration and activities at SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts. Learn more about the unique SENTIDO holiday experience you can expect from us.




Travel back in time with us and discover the landmarks along the amazing SENTIDO journey!

It all started in 2009 when SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts, the international franchised hotel chain that pledged to provide the best stay and most impressive experience to its guests, was established.

Proudly a part of the Thomas Cook Group, the newborn SENTIDO consisted of 17 hotels and 2 Nile cruise ships offering unique holiday "for all senses". Over the years, more hotels from Europe, Africa and Asia joined the SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts family and we have been growing stronger.

Branching out to destinations across continents, SENTIDO's global reach is ever-expanding. Today, you can find 70 SENTIDO hotels in 13 countries offering one amazing feeling.

The SENTIDO line-up continues to win the hearts of its guests with the highest standard of service, quality and love to detail. Learn more about the award-winning SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts that have captured the hearts of our guests.


It is important hat you enjoy your SENTIDO holiday in harmony with nature and the environment.

We strive to run all our SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts according to the principles of sustainable tourism. Among our initiatives is the collaboration with Travelife: an independent, internationally recognised sustainability award scheme for tourism industry. Around 160 criteria are assessed throughout SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts, including fair wages for staff and measures to minimise energy and water use, reduce waste and to give preference to local suppliers.

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