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​Whether your heart desires a close encounter with nature, beachfront bliss to relieve urban stresses, immersing yourself in the most dazzling markets, or a vibrant mix of all these topped off with colourful nightlife, every dream holiday starts the second you start to explore. We've collected spellbinding travel stories to inspire and delight. Discover the undiscovered!


Khao Sok National Park

A Spectacular Natural Gem

One of Thailand’s most tranquil and stunning ­destinations, the ancient jungles and emerald ­waters of Khao Sok National Park are a must for ­nature-loving travellers to Southern Thailand. Read the story

Discovering South-Eastern Sicily

The Beauty of Chocolate and Baroque

Bursting with Baroque architecture, big and busy, Modica is the real deal. So authentically Sicilian, it will make your heart burst. Read the story

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Exploring Crete with Eugenios Fragkiadakis

A Love for Crete and a Passion for Hotels

First impressions always count, some of them stay with us a lifetime. Growing up over 60 years ago in Crete, the only hotels Eugenios Fragkiadakis had seen as a child were small and primitive. Read the story

Croatia’s Most Scenic Seaside Drive

The Adriatic Highway – Jadranska Magistrala

A scenic drive that is truly one of the best in the world, the Adriatic Highway in southern Croatia is a stunning rollercoaster ride of a road. Read the story

Cycling Cyprus

Take Me Home Country Road

Louis Misseris trots back into the lobby with his eyes gleaming and cycling kit slightly damp. Just back from a ride on the winding mountain roads of Cyprus, the Manager of Hotel Operations for Thomas Cook on Cyprus is passionate about how great cycling is on his island. Read the story

Exploring By Rail, Air, Foot And Water

Lochau Has It All The Lake Even More

How about that view? The locals here on the Austrian side of Lake ­Constance will be quick to tell you that they have the loveliest of views: the ­Bodensee, Europe’s third-largest lake, spreading out like a sparkling mirror in front of you; Read the story

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Made in Germany – By You.

In Farchant, a little village not far from the town of Garmisch-Patenkirchen and Germany’s highest mountain, there’s a little workshop where skis and snowboards are made by hand – well, your hands to be exact. Read the story

Marrakech’s Magic Medina

Souk Shop - Till You Drop.

A swirling maze of sounds and colours shimmering under the North African sun, shopping in Marrakech is an adventure, so prepare for your senses to be dazzled. Read the story

Hotelier Pau and his culinary Mallorca

‘The best prawns in the world’

Did you know that you can find the best prawns in the world off the coast of Sóller? The fame of the red king ­prawns of Sóller extends far beyond the island of Mallorca. Read the story

Dream Beaches and Lava Fields

Land of Fire

Lanzarote is, quite literally, the Canary hotspot. Fiery eruptions and lava streams created an island that is quite unique in Europe. Its otherworldly volcanic landscape is one of the most dramatic on the planet. Read the story

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