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In Farchant, a little village not far from the town of Garmisch-Patenkirchen and Germany’s highest mountain, there’s a little workshop where skis and snowboards are made by hand – well, your hands to be exact.

You can sign up and make your own custom skis here in a do-it-yourself weekend seminar. Over 2,000 pairs of skis and 500 snowboards have already been built here in this charming cottage factory with a view of the Zugspitze.

‘Build2Ride’ is the name of the ­company that the passionate skiers and ex-racers Axel Forelle und Matthias Schmidlechner have set up in a former carpentry workshop. Which is fitting, because the ski and snowboards here get built from wood – with a lot of high tech added ­afterwards.

There are very few other pieces of ­modern sporting equipment that still rely on a natural material like wood. Hard ash or a somewhat more flexible mix of ash and poplar is at their core here. The wood cores are cut to the shape chosen beforehand by the ­customer online. A mind-boggling range of parameters can be selected from type of ski (they can make them all) to the side cut, tip, type of rocker – anything and everything! And then Axel and Matthias will show you how to put it all together: wood core, plastic base, steel edges and of course, various ­layers and strengths of fibreglass.

Now comes the most important part for many people: the look. When it comes to designing the top sheet – everything goes, from wood veneer, to pin up girl and everything in between. And when everyone has created their masterpiece, it all goes into a special form with epoxy and bakes overnight at 60 degrees Celsius at negative pressure so that all the components bond together.

The next morning, the proud moms and dads can get a first look at their new babies – and then there is another day of sawing, sanding and grinding before they are finished. And when they get to the end of that second day, all the newly minted ski and snowboard builders are positively glowing, ‘Everybody is proud when they hold the finished product in their hands’, says Axel. And stoked to head to the mountains with something truly one-of-a-kind.

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Built for you

If you’re not into ­sawing and sanding, the guys at Build2Ride will build your dream skis for you. All it will cost you is an additional 250 Euros for the ‘Made in ­Garmisch-Partenkirchen’ special construction.

Build your own

With ‘Build2Ride’ you can fulfil your dream of a custom snowboard or skis in a do-it-yourself seminar. The 2-day course – ­including material, will only set you back 690 Euro. Bindings are extra.

© pictures: Build2Ride

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