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Khao Sok National Park

A Spectacular Natural Gem


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One of Thailand’s most tranquil and stunning ­destinations, the ancient jungles and emerald ­waters of Khao Sok National Park are a must for ­nature-loving travellers to Southern Thailand.

Dramatic Thai lime­stone formations – Karsts – and water­falls are abound in this lowland jungle, which is over 160 million years old – making it one of the ­world’s oldest rainforests. SENTIDO ­Graceland Khao Lak Resort & Spa is about an hours drive away from the two main access points to this 730 km2 ­National Park. Start at the main visitor centre area near Khlong Sok village – or the ‘land section’ – with a fantastic network of hiking trails and tours. The second access is the launching point of the stunningly beautiful Cheow Larn Lake – ­or the ‘water section’.

Find out more at the National Park’s website: ­

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Elephant Hills - Elephant Experience

A touching experience in an almost untouched environment. Feed, wash and interact with Asia’s largest land animal.

Canoe Safari Down - The Sok River

Drift along the jungle river passing limestone formations and cliffs covered with exotic tropical vegetation.

Elephant Trekking

Experience the Thai ­tradition of working ­elephants first hand on a jungle expedition, sitting on the back of an Asian Elephant.

Cheow Larn Lake Boat Trip

See the sights in a ­traditional longtail boat on this spectacular lake. Cruise across emerald ­waters pass towering ­rainforest covered karsts.

Guided Trekking

Discover southern ­Thailand’s unique rain­forest environment on foot and spot an ex­ci­ting array of ­indi­genous ­creatures like wild ­elephants and swinging gibbons.

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