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Endlessly signifying a crossroads between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Morocco is home to a vivid fusion of cultures. From the Atlas Mountains to the sparkling blue ocean and the golden desert sands, this is a country of rich contrasts, full of colour, warmth and charm.

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SENTIDO Kenzi Menara Palace in Marrakesh, Morocco

SENTIDO Kenzi Menara Palace, Marrakesh

At the foothills of the Atlas Mountains lies a city whose name carries the sound of exotic adventure like no other place in North Africa; Marrakech! The ‘Red City’ embraces the vitality of bustling souks, the piety of a madrasa and the meditative spirit of lush royal gardens. The SENTIDO Kenzi Menara Palace, built in Arab-Moorish style with ochre colours and dark woods, is like a welcoming cool breeze. A luxurious oasis to return to after a round of golf – or after tasting local delicacies in the historic medina of Marrakech. Relax at the hotel’s generous spa area.

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Just a stone’s throw away from the old town of Marrakech, SENTIDO Kenzi Menara Palace is the perfect starting point to dive into this exciting and one-of-a-kind culture! Although you could describe the Moroccan metropolis itself as one huge colorful and fascinating place to experience, there are a lot of special sights and highlights you should definitely visit!

By far the most impressive place in the city, the Djemaa el Fna (‘Place of the Decapitated’), makes your wildest fantasies come true. During the day the so-called heart of the city offers a huge stage for jugglers, snake charmers, story-tellers and acrobats, before the place belonging to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage is wrapped up in the evening by the smells of the countless different foods.

A further main attraction of the medina (Arabic old town) is the ancient Koran school Medersa Ben Youssef. Founded in the 14th century, it was converted into a museum in 1960. The imposing stucco and carving work in combination with the beautiful mosaics are particular to this building. Up to 900 students lived here and the tiny dwelling-houses show that learning was probably no pleasure back then.

The photography museum Maison de la Photographie in a pretty riad is also worth a visit. A collection of numerous historically impressive photographs give insights into the exciting history of Marrakech. The young Moroccan photography scene is also on display here. On the roof terrace of the museum there is a nice cafe where you can finish the visit with a fresh mint tea.

You should also visit the Saadier graves next to the Kasbah Mosque. A narrow passage leads to the mausoleums where the tombs of seven sultans and 62 members of the Saadier family are located. These are sumptuously decorated with Italian marble, mosaic and stucco, and are also part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. In the immediate vicinity you will find the two publicly accessible palaces of Bahia and El Badia. El Badia is a huge ruin and the remaining walls create a clear picture of how splendid the court with the many baths once was. A glance upwards is worth it; storks have built their nests all over on the old walls. If you only have a little time, you should visit the Palais Bahia, which is only a few minutes’ walk away and is much more beautiful. Here you can admire the former royal rooms and courtyards with their impressively elaborately carved and painted wooden ceilings.

The Jardin Majorelle, just outside the old town, offers a fantastic escape from the heat and the troubles of the medina. The botanical garden was created in 1923 by the French painter Jacques Majorelle. Majorelle used to paint the house a specific shade of blue, which until today is known as Majorelle blue. In 1980 the garden was bought by Yves Saint Laurent and his business partner. The two men restored the garden elaborately and it later served Saint Laurent as a retreat and as a source of inspiration for his fashion collections. Afterwards, it is worth strolling through the concept store ‘33 Rue Majorelle’ diagonally opposite of the garden and shopping for some Arab-inspired pop art.

For the real Morocco feeling, you cannot miss a real camel ride! Let yourself be driven by a taxi driver into the Palmerie, where entire herds of saddled camels are waiting for you. You will be guided through the beautiful palm park, with a short tea break with the friendly authentic Berber family.

Should you have more time you should book a day tour to the beautiful Atlas Mountains. There you will cross many original Berber villages and visit independent communities that produce all the wonderful crafts that you know from the souks of the medina. The lunch break, of course with a typical Tajine, you be spent in one of the Moroccan holiday spots. The breathtaking variety of the different valleys and landscapes is sure to inspire you!


Announcement of offers from SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts

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