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Sunny and warm, with turquoise-blue seas and unspoiled beaches, Spain is home to some of the most beautiful spots in Europe. Discover a wealth of  soaring mountains, sleepy villages and vibrant cities. From the the long beaches to the vibrant mainland coast - Spain is full of variety.

Read on to find your favourite SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts in mainland Spain, or discover our other hotels on the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands.

SENTIDO Ama Islantilla, Andalucia - Golf, Family, Relaxation

This hotel is a hole-in-one, literally. It is located in the middle of a 27-hole golf course. And if the sand in the bunkers is not enough, you’ll find more on the nearby beach! And if you want to increase your fitness, then you can slog away at the gym with our personal trainers. But you’ll find plenty of time to relax at our pools, our spa, and bars as well. Both golfers and non-golfers alike will find their dream holiday here – and of course, so will the whole family.

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Poolside of SENTIDO Ama Islantilla in Andalucia, Spain
View of SENTIDO Garden Playanatural in Andalucia, Spain

SENTIDO Garden Playanatural, Andalucia - A Place Full Of Harmony

Some places are pure magic. They whisk their visitors off to another world. Here, on the Costa de Huelva, the sun shines brighter, the sand is finer, the Atlantic Ocean becomes an oasis, and time seems to stand still. Our hotel is located at the best-kept secret along the coast, the pristine beach at La Flecha. Come on in, feel the magic, and let us spoil you.

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SENTIDO Benalmadena Beach, Andalucia - The Sunny Side Of Life

The secret for perfect relaxation is variety. Today, lie by the pool and do nothing all day long. Tomorrow, spend an active day at the beach! Or read an exciting book in the morning and enjoy a glass of excellent wine at the hotel bar later in the evening. Dive into the turquoise-blue, crystal-clear waters on the Costa del Sol before plunging into the vibrant Spanish culture. Soak up some sun and then get a relaxing massage. Here, you’ll find everything you need to experience a beach holiday full of variety.

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Poolside of SENTIDO Benalmadena Beach in Andalucia, Spain
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