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Life in Turkey is a vivid mosaic of cultures & traditions, where Asia touches Europe, the modern & the ancient are in constant contact. A richly historical land with some of the best cuisine you will ever taste, Turkey also boasts fantastic beaches and jaw-dropping historical sites.

Read on to explore SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts in Antalya, Alanya or Marmaris.

SENTIDO Flora Garden, Antalya - Tending To Your Zen Garden

Enter this garden oasis at SENTIDO Flora Garden and you’ll feel right at home in this resort with its own private beach. Explore the region from your stylish room or suite, some of which boast their own garden and whirlpool. With a little luck you may spot one of the famous ‘Caretta Caretta’ turtles – the beach is one of their nesting areas. Round off your day with a cool drink by the pool while looking forward to the evening’s entertainment and the dazzling choice of International Cuisine provided by our specialist restaurants.

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View of SENTIDO Flora Garden, Turkey

SENTIDO Turan Prince, Antalya - Time Traveling The Easy Way

Travel back in time – all the way to antiquity. When you come to the ancient port town of Side and stand in the middle of the spellbinding Greek amphitheater of world fame – you are as close to history as it gets. Every direction you go, fascinating sights abound. And when you’re finished sightseeing, you can have the perfect family holiday in the here and now from your base at the spacious SENTIDO Turan Prince. Have fun at the gently sloping beach, spend some time with the kids at the Aqua Park or treat yourself to some well-deserved relaxation in the soothing ambience of the hotel’s luxurious spa.

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View of SENTIDO Turan Prince, Turkey
View of SENTIDO Numa Bay

SENTIDO Numa Bay, Alanya - Relax Where Empires Ruled

The Turkish Riviera, a stretch of Mediterranean coastline from Cesme to Alanya, has been the home of many great empires and its hinterland is replete with historical sites well worth a visit. Right here on the beautiful ‘Fuğla’ beach, you’ll find the contemporary SENTIDO Numa Bay. A perfect place to not only ponder and explore history, but also to relax on the hotel’s own beach, have fun at the pool or even dance the night away at our night club featuring live music.

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View of SENTIDO Sea Star, Turkey

SENTIDO Sea Star, Marmaris - Meet The Magic Of The Orient

The SENTIDO Sea Star adults only hotel is situated directly on a dreamy sandy beach. Overlooking a splendid bay, it offers a comprehensive All Inclusive programme to cater for any need imaginable, while a short distance away you can find ample opportunity for shopping and entertainment! Allow yourself to relax and be revived in the idyllic resort of Icmeler and discover the glorious taste of Turkish specialities on magically restorative days spent at the pool, beach or spa.

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Keeping Up Tradition At
Halı Carpet Weavers’ Association

‘The carpet is the heart of every Turkish home,’ says Erdem Kaya, who oversees the Halı Carpet Weavers Association branch in Turgutköy, ‘It’s traditionally made by village women in winter when they can’t work on the field, and that tradition is passed down from mother to daughter. It’s a very emotional craft, as they do not only weave the traditional patterns of their respective home regions into the carpet, but also their experiences, hopes and dreams,’ he explains.

Carpets became an omnipresent part of Turkish culture during the Ottoman Empire. The oldest known knotted wool carpet, dating back to 400 BC, was found frozen into ice of the Siberian Altai Mountains in 1949, but oral and ancient written records go much further back in history. As villages were gradually abandoned and the tradition of passing the craft on from mother to daughter was interrupted, carpet weaving associations started to educate women in the art of carpet making at their centres.

There are many different types of carpets, which vary depending on the region in which they originate. Embroidered carpets are made with silk and cotton yarns, flat-woven carpets, also called ‘kilims,’ are made with sheep’s wool, and knotted carpets are made with sheep and lamb wool, and also sometimes with silk for special occasions. The weaving techniques, as well as the patterns, colours and fabrics, are regional characteristics, and the quality of any given carpet depends on the materials used to make it, the density of its knots and weaves and the complexity of its patterns. Naturally, this is reflected in the price, which may range from a few hundred Euros to hundreds of thousands.

The Halı Carpet Weavers Association Turgutköy, just a 40-minute drive from Marmaris, stocks carpets from seven different regions of Turkey. Carpets from Istanbul carry the signature floral ornaments of the Ottoman Empire, whereas the ones from central rural Turkey are more minimalist, and not dyed but instead made with natural beige, brown and black sheep wool. Armenian carpets are embroidered with silk and cotton and feature darker colours while Kurdish kilims are flatwoven in lighter woollen fabrics. The fabrics are sourced from Turkish farmers and dyed by men, while the knotting, weaving and embroidering is done by women only, who either work in collectives in their home villages or at the carpet association’s centres.

Each of the designs tells the stories of the people who make them, as the women weave their stories into the fabric. One carpet may take months to years to make, depending on the size and the complexity of patterns, and carries within its pattern a personal story that will long outlive a lifetime.

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